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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> bret: finally tonight, it's always good to have light moments on tv but also good to have good transitions between that and the next thing you do. here is one show's efforts to track the best segways.
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>> do you remember that show the monkeys that used to talk back in the day. >> that monkey might be a good reality show. i do feel bad for it. thanks, bob. >> a car plunged into a frozen pond but two people in it. [ laughter ] >> bret: no, no, no. tomorrow, as i segway on "special report." we will preview the state of the union address with white house press secretary jay carney and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. that's it for "special report" tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid. it's good to be back. >> this is the fox report. a gunman opens fire in a courthouse lobby. three people are dead tonight. what officials say sparked that deadly violence. plus, the resignation of a pope. >> i think primarily he just
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felt like physically he was not up to the job as. >> ultimately responsibility of love for the church. >> pope benedict was a great pope and he followed in some big shoes and i think he did a beautiful job. >> but the announcement a shock to many. and now the catholic church must find its next leader. >> maybe they need somebody younger. a breath of fresh air. >> maybe it will be a chance for the church to regenerate. might ultimately be a good thing. >> bill: tonight, the possible frontrunners for the job and what we now know about the pope's decision to resign but we begin with today's stunning announcement that the pope is stepping down. i'm bill hemmer in tonight for shepard smith. the news reportedly came as a shock even to many at the vatican. after nearly 8 years on the job, pope benedict xvi will resign at the end of this month. his final day february 28th.
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the pope released a statement which reads in part that the governor the church quote both strength of mind and body are necessary strength which in the last few months have deteriorated in me to the extent that i have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me, end quote. the pope's brother, who is 89 years old, says that he has known about this decision for months but some church leaders say they had no idea. i'm not kidding. i was very startled. i don't know what to say. i myself am waiting for information, for instructions as to what we would do now cardinals. boy, as soon as i find out, i will let you know. >> the last time a pope resigned the 12th in the year 1415. that was years before columbus traveled to the new world. before joan of arc was burned at the at the stake. before da vinci painted the
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mona lisa. he has no specific illness and nobody pressured him to resign but that the 8 a-year-old pope has faced declining strength and made a personal decision to step down. tonight. we will look at his life and his legacy and how the cardinals will go about choosing a successor, the man who will lead the world's 1.2 billion catholics hand lick reaction from catholics around the world. amy kellogg in rome tonight. amy, explain more about the pope's decision today. >> hi, bill, well, a lot of people close to the pope have been saying that they didn't d. notice that he was beginning to slow down. bill, there has been a lot of speculation about the timing of this announcement. some say it was a very humble move on the pope's part and announce it on just another day in february. a monday in february, in fact. others point to the significance of this day in that it is the catholic
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church's day of the sick it is a memorial day of our lady of lords and people wonder if there could be any significance to his choice for announcing his resignation on this day. now, what we know going forward is is that he will be involved on ash wednesday events there are a few key events on his calendar he is expected to fulfill. 8:00 p.m. on february 28th. his resignation becomes final. he will step down tat at that point and then this conclave of cardinals under the age of 80, that is a key requirement will elect a new pope. a lot of talk about whether it might be an african or latin since the church is growing so quickly in those regions. the bottom line is the vatican is is hoping there will be a new pope by easter, bill. >> bill: this will be tricky, too. what will pope benedict do
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after he resigns. >> not much precedence with popes. he has wanted to retire actually for some time. that he actually wanted to retire before he became pope. that pope john paul ii really needed him and wanted him around and discouraged him from those very thoughts. it is said that he will be leaving that congregation of cloistered nuns in the vatican. there he will pray and probably write. bill. >> bill: amy kellogg, thank you. reportingreporting from rome lie tonight in that fox report. president obama's offering appreciation and prayers for the pope. now he and the first lady have warm memories of their meeting with the holy father in 2009 at the time a spokesman said the pope was very impressed with the president and for his part the president said he looked forward to a very strong relationship between the united states and the vatican. today, the president said in part, quote: the church plays a critical role in the united states and the world and i wish the best of those who will soon gather to choose his holiness pope benedict the
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xvith successor. house speaker john boehner said the prayers and gratitude of american catholics are with pope benedict xvi today. our team fox coverage continues. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt with us here tonight from our newsroom. this caught everybody by surprise, didn't it? >> it certainly did, bill. that was the first sentiments expressed by pretty much everybody within the catholic church within the world of catholicism the fact that the pope would resign. second sentiment we heard expressed a great deal today by cardinal dollan in new york city was a sense of sympathy for what the pope has been going through and admiration for the decision he made. listen. >> >> my affection for and my admiration for pope benedict the xvith has skyrocketed. it was already high. but i love him so much as a
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brother bishop. bishop of rome who appointed me tore archdiocese of new york, to y'all, to the holy father who made me a cardinal. i just always admired him as a scholar, as a priest, as a holy man. and now my admiration for him is even higher. because of his humility. >> those sentiments echoed by many within the catholic church. some others in particular from the likes of latin america and africa already beginning the quiet lobbying, if you like, for who should be his successor there are many who want someone from the southern hemisphere. we will have more on that battle for the succession coming up later in the fox report. >> bill: it will be fascinating. you are hearing from other world leaders tonight. what are they saying? >> contributes have been pouring in from around the world today. bill, the secretary general of the united nations weighed in. he paid tribute to what he called, quote: the profound commitment of pope benedict to interfaith dialogue and to addressing such global challenges as the alleviation
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of poverty and hunger as well as the promotion of human rights and peace. other world leaders express sympathy for the hope. angela merkel of germany saying in our time of ever lengthening life many people will be able to understand how the pope as well has to deal with the burdens of aging. the french president called the pope's decision to resign a courageous and exceptional decision and the british prime minister david cammeron said he will be missed as a spiritual leader to millions. we have also just heard from secretary of state john kerry releasing a statement which has just been sent to us, bill. it praised the pope as, quote: a voice of clarity and conviction and closed by saying we wish him peace and health and we will keep him in our prayers. bill? >> bill: thank you, jonathan. jonathan hunt in our newsroom tonight. as we mentioned, it is certain isly rare for a pope to resign it has happened 10 times in fact according to the oxford
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dictionary of popes. the list includes two other benedicts. can you see it dates back to the year 101 a.d. coming up, we'll look back at the pope's nearly 8 years as leader of the catholic church and possible successors. plus, shep is on his way to rome and will anchor "studio b" and "the fox report" live tomorrow from italy. that all starts at 3:00 eastern, 2:00 central time. three people are dead tonight. two injured at a courthouse. a man got into a fire fight with officers in the lobby of the new castle county courthouse. among the dead, two women along with a suspected gunman. investigators say this was all over a custody matter steve centanni with more from there. how did this begin. >> shots rang out 8:00 a.m. behind the courthouse behind me. a man walked in and opened fire at a security check point
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killing two women. these are not random shootings. he knew these women. the policemanning the barricade there manning that check point fired back. the man who had originally opened fire on the women was himself killed. we don't know if there were self-inplaintiff'sinflicted gunt wounds or if the police killed him. in any case, the people who were in the building and around the building at the time when those shots rang out, these were moments of shear terror, listen. as soon as i turned around i heard the bang. i thought it was something dropped. right after there there was a couple more, four or five of them. >> people get down. they are shooting. and then from there all you heard was get down, get down, get down. >> two capitol police officers who were protecting the building suffered wounds that are not life threatening. they took bullet hits in their bullet proof vest, luckily. >> bill: information is precious on this so far. police are not releasing much.
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are they, steve? >> no. not very much at all. they want to be very sure before they identify the shooter. at one point during the day we thought it was one member of his family. at one point we thought it was a second member. police have not helping us out a lot. they want to get the final coroner's report before they finally identify the shooter. it is ongoing custody dispute. not unfamiliar to the people here in delaware. it's been going on for several years apparently. >> bill: thousands coming together to honor a former navy sniper. a man who died as he tried to help a fellow veteran in life. coming up, the service for an american hero today. plus, a tornado tears a path of destruction across southern mississippi. that's coming towards us. >> people's lives being destroyed. >> the twister wrecked hundreds of homes. >> that's right where i live. that's not good. >> bill: it injured dozens of
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>> bill: it sounded like katrina. survivor a powerful tornado that 75-mile long path of destruction through three different counties in southern mississippi. at least 60 people are injured. more than 200 homes either damaged or destroyed there. amazingly through all of this, no one was killed. take a look at this now. this is amateur video of a funnel cloud. the majority of the damage in and around the town of hattiesburg. home of the university of southern mississippi. that school reports that nobody there was seriously hurt because so many students were out oof town for mardi gras. and today the mississippi governor phil brian had a warning for anyone who wanted to check out the damage in town. >> do not become sight sear. this is not amusement park. this is the scene of a
4:17 pm all those that might be in this area, i would tell you if you do not have to be within the affected area. state stay at home. >> bill: governor went on to say the reason no one died is there was plenty of warning before the storm hit. jonathan serrie live in hattiesburg tonight with more from there what part of that campus was hit hardest, jonathan? >> hi, bill. it was the southeastern corner of the campus that sowferred suferred the most major damage. 4 buildings were damaged. used to house the alumni association. it will now have to move to another portion of the campus. although we are now getting reports that mr. were some minor injuries on campus. as you reported no serious injuries and certainly no fatalities reported so far anywhere in the state of mississippi as a result of this storm. bill? >> bill: what about other parts of the city. what are you seeing and hearing, jonathan? >> yeah. well, the american red cross
4:18 pm
has a regional facility here that was gutted. couldn't use it anymore. fortunately no staff were injured. and they were still able to provide disaster services using resources from red cross facilities in neighboring communities. more than 500 structures suffered damage in this part of mississippi. even the mayor's house was affected the mayor having to crawl to the safety of an interior room to avoid flying glass as his window shatter ited as the tornado came very close to his house, bill? >> bill: thank you, jonathan. quite a bit of destruction there, jonathan seare, hattiesburg, mississippi tonight. victims of gun violence will be in the audience at tomorrow night's state of the union address. lawmakers say they have invited about two dozen people, including former congresswoman gabriel giffords and her husband mark kelly. they have launched political action committee to push for new gun restrictions just about a week ago. another lawmaker says he invited ted nugent, a gun rights supporter.
4:19 pm
and florida senator marco rubio will give the republican response to the state of the union in english and in spanish tomorrow night. can you see it all right here on the fox news channel. our special coverage begins 8:55 p.m. eastern time. but a few hours prior, the president's pick for defense secretary will face a critical test, a senate committee there set to vote on chuck hagel's nomination tomorrow. some republicans are threatening to block him. the former nebraska senator faced some some tough questions from fellow republicans from confirmation hearing on his record about israel iran and other issues. but the white house insists tonight the nomination is not in trouble. we believe firmly senator hawlg will be confirmed as secretary of defense. since his hearing we have seen increase in the number of senators who have come out and said that they will vote to confirm him that includes republicans as well as democrats. >> bill: if he clears the committee the full senate
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could vote on hagel's nomination as soon as wednesday this week. los angeles police say they will continue to guard some of their own enemy they find that fugitive excop accused of gunning down some people. staggering reward leading to this man's capture. a 12-year-old boy is under arrest after police say he sent email threatening to kill a teacher and nearly two dozen middle school students. how that school is handling that scare. that is ahead tonight here on "the fox report." dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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>> bill: tips to police are pouring in by hundreds we are told as investigators continue this hunt for a fugitive excop accused of killing three people in southern california. now the reward for information leading it to chris dorner's arrest is up to a million
4:24 pm
dollars. police say dorner last week killed a retired police captain's daughter, her fiance in a and a riverside county police officer. in a 20 major manifesto dorner claims his reactions are revenge for his firing from the l.a.p.d. back in 2008. he claims the killings will continue and that no officers are safe. today the riverside d.a. pleaded for more help from the public. >> every day our law enforcement officers patrol our communities to protect us as citizens. to keep us safe. now, it is our opportunity as citizens to assist our law enforcement officers in the apprehension of this individual. >> bill: dorner received combat training in the navy. in addition to his four years on the force. as you can see from some of this police training video, can he be imposed.
4:25 pm
william la jeunesse live at l.a.p.d. headquarters tonight with more. what is the latest now on where this investigation stands, william. >> well, bill, a task force with local police, the fbi, the marshall service is currently going over some 700 clues or leads. now, some of those are false sightings but others have real value. consider these surveillance photos that were taken last week from a hotel in san diego and with that 1-million-dollar reward police hope someone will drop a dime on dorner. maybe an old friend. maybe a stranger from a gas station or convenience store. today, police in san bernardino mountains have scaled back the search there to 30 officers. continue ited going through vacant remote cabins. earlier today here is what l.a.p.d. said when asked if dorner's mother had been asked to make a personal plea to her son to turn himself in. >> we have been in contact with the parents and the family of dorner and we will continue to do so through the this investigation.
4:26 pm
our hope is that he will turn himself in. and whether that's a relative that turns him in for whatever motivation whether it's the million-dollar reward, we would certainly welcome that. >> now, chief back in the l.a.p.d. would not put a precise price tag on the investigation, bill. police say cost of staffing one single 24 hour shift was five full size salaries. >> prosecutors already filing charges against him. aren't they, william? >> that's right. the riverside p.d. has now released a photo of 34-year-old officer michael crane former marine, he served two tours in the middle east. he leaves behind a wife, 10-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl. today the d.a. as you said did charge dorner with three counts of attempted murder. one count of murder with a firearm that allows for the death penalty should he be taken alive. the bottom line for los angeles right now no firm leads as to where he might be. bill? >> bill: william la jeunesse on that manhunt again tonight.
4:27 pm
also in southern california, police say a middle school student sent out email threatening to kill 23 fellow students and a teacher. that child, age 12 is now under arrest. and the abit earlier today as classes resumed. officials assigned extra staff to the building. including crisis counselors. police are not naming the boy. they claim he had some 3,000 rounds of ammunition in his home. sheriff's officials said they received five rifles three, shotguns and three handguns from that home over the weekend. they add the weapons were locked up in a safe so the child could not take them. now that the pope is stepping down. catholics are sloping that the vatican will do something it has never done before. choose its first rather black or latino leader. possible contenders on that list. plus, he fired a shot that killed usama bin laden. now a former navy seal is
4:28 pm
accusing the government of turning its back on him and his family. and another american hero receives the medal of honor but his son ends up stealing the show at the white house. we'll tell you how that happened. don't miss it coming up here on "the fox report." [ male announcer ] i've seen incredib things. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business.
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i'm bill hemmer in for shepard
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smith. pope again district 16th humble and on during according to greg burke who is now a spokesman with the vatican he said i'm convinced there are great popes and small popes. he was talking about john paul ii as a great pope and himself as a small pope which is a little bit strange because is he obvious agreat intellectual but he he knew he didn't have either the energy or if you will the pizzazz of john paul ii, the media savvy. he didn't have that. >> bill: not as much pizzazz but pretty snazzy shoes. here is a look at the famous red loafers. is he stepping down at the end of the month because is he not up to doing the job anymore physically, psychologically and spiritually. greg palkot live in london with more. been covering this throughout the day for us now. hey, greg. >> hey, bill. pope benedict xvi leaving just under years at the post. it has been a busy time now
4:33 pm
and tumultuous for the catholic church and this pope. take a look. >> pope benedict xvi took over as conservative theologians reaffirming traditional values of the church. modern day controversies. former german cardinal joseph ratsenner critics said some of his positions on the holocaust weren't strong enough. he defended muslims with the speech defending violent religion. among other gestures pope benedict made blue mosque. the biggest scandal he had to deal with were the widespread sandals of sex abuse against clergy. critics say he didn't do enough. formal apologies and probes in the u.s.s. ireland and elsewhere. he also had to deal with a but butler who stole documents alleging corruption in the vatican. he later pardoned him. benedict saw himself as a quiet intellectual. still he made 25 international trips. well received by crowds and
4:34 pm
tweeting spiritual messages. rolling platform to roll through st. peters. all of this leading up to momentous decision to step down when he felt he was no longer up for the job. >> pope benedict will not be involved in next month's con conclave of cardinals. he might have a silent vote. he had a big hand of choosing many of those cardinals. bill? >> greg palkot reporting live tonight from london. the pope's replacement could make history as well. experts tell us one of the top contenders is peter cardinal circleson from the country of gahannana. he would be the first black pope. latino catholics are hoping for the first hispanic holy father. steve harrigan live in our south florida newsroom. what are the chances it could be someone from latin america, steve? >> bill, it really comes down to numbers. up to 42% of the world's 1.2 billion catholics now in live in latin, america. the problem could be with the votes. while a quarter of the world's
4:35 pm
catholics liver in europe. european cardinals still hold half of the votes. it would be a sharp brake in precedent for those cardinals to choose a non-european pope, bill. >> bill: who would then be the main contenders from latina, st? >> vaticanologyists keep putting numbers on short list. one would be cardinal shearer from brazil. he is in charge of the world's largest catholic diocese and the catholic nation. also cardinal sandre from. and finally cardinal from honduras. a lot of praise for his work on human rights. any of these three could potentially be the first latin american pope, bill. >> let the speculation begin, thank you, steve. steve harrigan is live in miami tonight. a reminder shep is on his way to rome as we speak. he will anchor "studio b" and "the fox report" live tomorrow from italy it all starts
4:36 pm
tomorrow 3:00 eastern, 2:00 central time. hope you can join him then. for the very first time we are hearing from the navy seal who killed usama bin laden about the mission and about his life now. he spoke to esquire magazine referring to him only as the shooter. fox news has no way to confirm the details of this story but the shooter telling esquire that when he confronted bin laden in that bedroom in abbottabad pakistan. taller than he thought he he continued by saying this. in that second i shot him two times in the forehead. the second time as he is going down he crump would on to the floor and i hit him again. he was dead, not moving. his tuck was out. i watched him take his lated breaths, just to a reflex breath. he said he gave the magazine from his gun to the cia analyst who had made it her mission to find bin laden. the magazine had only three
4:37 pm
bullets missing. the ones in bin laden's head. the shooter says he has since left the seals and now he says he doesn't know what he is going to do. he says the government has given him nothing. no protection for himself or his family. he tells esquire that he has changed first sign of trouble and his wife how to handle a shotgun. he said the command wants protection. give him a job driving a beer truck in milwaukee. that was the offer for the man who gave the navy 16 years of service. and killed the most wanted man in the world. the u.s. navy responded the esquire piece with a statement it reads in part now take seriously the safety and security our people as well as our responsibility to assist sailors making a transition civilian life. without more information about this particular case it, would be difficult to determine the degree to which our transition
4:38 pm
program succeeded, end quote. friends, family, and other supporters utter add different former seal who died a week ago. the author of the book american sniper chris keil. ♪ when i heard you whisper my name. ♪ beating softly. >> bill: that the sound of country star randy travis who says he never knew chris keil but wishes he h some 7,000 people attended today's memorial at cowboy stadium in arlington, texas. keil was a highly decorated sniper credited with 160 confirmed kills. making him the most lethal in u.s. military history. police say this fellow iraq war vet shot and killed kyle earlier this month. chris kyle's funeral is set for tomorrow after 200-mile procession that will start in dallas and end up in his hometown of austin, texas.
4:39 pm
only hours ago president obama presented a brave army veteran with the medal of honor. sara money at the white house today. the president gave the medal of honor to former staff sergeant clinton -- it's for his actions during a fire fight in afghanistan from 2008. he and 50 other soldiers were at a combat outpost near the pakistan border when 300 taliban fighters launched ambush. they were surrounded. the resulting 10 hour fire fight was one of the bloodiest of the afghan war. the soldiers caught in a difficult position with their base tea at the bottom of the valley and taliban controlling the higher ground. despite that sergeant was able to call in air support that killed 30 enemy fighters and even with a snap nell wound he risked his life to retrieve the bodies of the fallen around him. >> he and his team started charging as enemy fire poured down and they kept charging 50 meters, 80 meters,
4:40 pm
ultimately 100 meet run through a hail of bullets. they reached their fallen friends and they brought them home. >> this award is for the 8 soldiers who didn't make it. for the rest of the team that fought valiantly and imagine any if i sently that day. >> what a moment that was. retired staff sergeant the 80th living honor of recipient there was a light moment when his son first tried to climb the president's podium and made a mad dash for the chair where his dad was supposed to sit. military escorts brought the toddler back to his seats. a cruise ship dead in the water after knocked out power. thousands of passengers on board waiting for a rescue. their story and what we know about the conditions on board in a moment. and later a man wrongfully convicted of murder finally walking free after spending nearly three decades half of his life behind bars.
4:41 pm
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>> shepard: roads are still closed and 10,000 homes and businesses still have no power three days after a massive blizzard. slammed the northeastern u.s. this weekend: get this now. the storm dropped up to 3 feet of snow in some parts of new york and connecticut and the commonwealth of massachusetts. at least 15 said to be dead and the u.s. and canada which was also walloped. fortunately airports were getting back on schedule. some say the clean up has been simply too slow for them. >> this is crazy. a lot of snow. this is terrible. >> roads are treacherous. side roads around plowed up yet. >> now warmer temperatures and the rain are making the snow heavier. experts say that could increase the danger of roofs
4:45 pm
collapsing. more snow could hit the region this week. more than 4,000 people stuck on a cruise ship dead in the water. the coast guard took this picture of the carnival triumph stranded in the gulf of mexico. a fire in the men's room knocked out the ship's power. folks on board have been calling home and telling relatives have limited access to food and the bathrooms of the large crews line was headed from galveston, texas when it was stranded north of yucatan peninsula. trace gallagher tracking. this how long before the ship is back in port, trace? >> carnival says the ship should be back in progresso, mexico sometime late wednesday afternoon. the tug boats have arrived at the ship. now they just need to hook up the toe lines and small crawl to shore. they do have little bit of electricity like hot coffee and some food. no running water. no airconditioning. very few bathrooms. no cell service. earlier another carnival ship
4:46 pm
climbed up alongside and some were able to make calls. one man says his wife is not happy. listen. >> she was crying and stuff and said, you know, they had no power they had no running water. no way to use the bathroom they did put a diocese patient on board that other carnival cruise ship. that patient will be taken to coast mel for cozumel for treatment. >> bill: this happened a couple years ago. >> it did. splendor. again another fire in the engine room. that time it took three days for the ship to get to shore and it was during a heat wave. no airconditioning who ice, no running water here is a passenger after finally getting off. >> the fact that the whole system is shut down. no electricity. you can imagine 3,000 people all having to use the bathroom and nothing getting sucked down it got pretty bad.
4:47 pm
>> knows passengers as well as the passengers now stuck at sea all get refunds. even rain check if they choose to kousagen, bill. >> bill: more spam. thank you, trace. trace gallagher from the west coast. an innocent man walked out of prison today and hugged his children for the first time in close to 30 years. his name is randolph and the jury convicted him of a woman's murder in texas back in 1984. newly tested d.n.a. evidence pointed to a different killer. and a witness who had testified against him at trial now admits that he made the entire story up. here you see him hugging his son. his daughter cried at the announcement. she was just 4 years old when her dad first went to jail. every time he came up for parole, it was broken, shattered hopes and failed every time. >> the state will pay him $2 million and other benefits for his time served that law
4:48 pm
is in place because texas has a high rate of wrongful convictions. more than 100 since 1977. including two who are on death row. all tolled the states had to pay out nearly $60 million. more dramatic testimony today from the arizona woman who says that she killed her ex-boyfriend in self-defense. today in court, jody said she continued dating travis alexander even after suspecting that he was cheating on her. she blamed her low self-esteem. saying she was kind of like a dormant, end quote. prosecutors say that she killed alexander out of jealousy in 2008. stabbed and shot him then slit his throat. at first she denied knowing anything about his death and then later she blamed the murder on masked intruders. now jody arias says her exattacked her and she killed him to protect other own life. that case continues. millions of americans may be paying higher rates on their loans because of mistakes on their credit reports.
4:49 pm
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>> it's a problem that could cause millions of americans money and their reputation. nearly a quarter of consumers found mistakes in their credit reports which could effect their credit score. that's according to trade commission ftc and banks use credit reports to determine interest race on loans. higher credit scores typically lead to lower rates. top three credit bureaus and found one out of four consumers identified errors in their credit report. 5% in errors serious enough to effect what they paid in mortgages and car loans. peter barnes in washington with more on this. >> how many people are affected by this, peter? >> the ftc says perhaps
4:53 pm
10 million consumers out of 200 million had mistakes on a credit report that might have cost them more money. these reports are prepared by the three big credit reporting companies equifax banks, and other firms. the ftc reported that the number of consumers who allege mistakes of some kind in their reports was millions more. we believe consumers as a result need to ensure that they're looking at their credit reports, examining them to get rid of those errors. because errors in credit reports can lead to more expensive credit, denial of loans, denial of insurance. more expensive insurance. potentially even loss of a job. now under federal law, consumers are entitled to get a free copy of their credit report each year from each of the three companies and to do that just visit annual credit
4:54 pm this is the government sanctioned web site, bill. those are the big three,. >> the industry isn't denying that there are mistakes. it says that once you drill down into the ftc study, the agency found that only about 2% of credit reports had a mistake that might cost the consumer more money. still, it says it is working to get the error rate even lower. >> we have new technology that will come online later this year that has to do are w. investigations. i can't quite break the news with you yet. i think we are going to like what we see. >> the industry is also launching banks and other lenders for reporting credit information. bill? >> bill: thank you peter, good to know. peter barnes in washington tonight. at least six people were dead. thousands homeless amid record rains and heavy flooding. our top story as we go around the world tonight in 80 seconds.
4:55 pm
>> peru, rivers burst their banks as days of torrential rainfall hit the second largest city. high water destroyed roads, collapsed bridges and overturned cars three feet of mud. bangladesh. bus packed of pilgrims bridge in the southeast. killing at least 16 people and some of them children. local media reports driver returning from a shrine when he broke through a guardrail and landed in a dried up riverbed. crews rushed at least a dozen people to hospitals. cuba, honoring an american classic despite the u.s. trade embargo. hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts have gathered for the second annual davidson rally in a resort town. the blockade bars them from getting new harley parts so they improvise. many of the island's 300 or so
4:56 pm
hogs date back to before the 1959 revolution. china, thousands of performers and onlookers from across the country and arnold the world hitting the streets for the chinese new year's parade in hong kong. dozens of floats mark the start of the year of the snake snake. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> around the world is brought to you by verizon. powerful answers. the american olympic skiing phenom lindsey vonn had surgery today nearly a week after she suffered a wicked crash. what doctors are now saying tonight about her recovery. that's next. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's is ready with the know how we need
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